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American hip hop artist Ha$h born Hashim Mustafa is from Petersburg,VA by way  of Junction City, KS. This particular small town, nestled beside the FT. Riley army base is a mecca for pure raw talent and avid music lovers. This is the place where Ha$h became an artist. He later perfected his artistry in Denver Colorado, where he established residency in 2003.

Ha$h first emerged on the scene in 1998, catching the attention of DJ. Los as he freestyled in a barbershop. From there he founded the group Mic Life and they began recording music, subsequently selling CD's and performing live on stage.

In 2001, Ha$h created his label Survival Records in honor of his younger brother after his untimely demise. He has since

signed artist on to the label. He expanded the Survival Brand to include a successful clothing line Survival 7 Apparel. He also acquired ownership of his own gym and has been a successful fitness trainer for several years.

Throughout the years Ha$h has released a number of successful projects such as 5 Summers, Y.O.T.G and, Mansa Mustafa. He has also been featured on several successful collaborations with

artist such as Joey Cool (Strange Music), Wil Guice, Vivid Scientific, Jay Mizz, Leo P, and Pengame Classic.

Ha$h has continually been consistent in  music and his businesses. There is so much more to come. Stay tuned to the timeless works and monumental moves by Ha$h.

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